Speak for the Dead

“A fresh look at an old theme. [A] strong, realistic female protagonist.”

“An excellent vigilante crime novel that stands on the strength of its characters and plot without need of gratuitous violence, swearing or soft porn.”


“Very hard to put down.”

The suburb of Crawfield is a mire of neglect, crime, and petty vandalism. Still, all is not lost, not yet. There are those who bring justice to the streets. In a place without courts or trials, the vigilantes exact swift punishments on those the law has forgotten.

The past had been hard enough on Jade already. She had never wanted any trouble and, as long as she kept her head down, her life remained quiet and safe. After interrupting an assault on a woman she didn’t even know, Jade has been changed forever. With nothing more than a hooded sweatshirt and a knife in her hand, she has joined the ranks of those taking moral right into their own hands.

In the dark labyrinth of Crawfield’s alleys and abandoned buildings, it can be hard to see where right ends and wrong begins. When you break the law to uphold it, who gets to decide how far is too far?

* * *

Speak for the Dead follows the story of Jade, a girl who has lost her family and must make her way through life alone. Frustrated by the lawlessness and uncaring attitudes of the people around her, she turns to vigilantism, dispensing a signature warning on those she catches doing wrong. Without friends or family for support or guidance, she has no measure of right or wrong beyond her inner compass, but she is being watched by those who seek to impose their own definition of justice on the suburbs. When her ways clash with theirs, things turn deadly.

Read it for FREE!

or almost free…

The e-book of Speak for the Dead is available through most major channels for the stunningly low price of absolutely nothing! The only exception to this is Kindle, because Amazon does not allow the author to give their books away. To add insult to injury, the ePub format won’t work on your Kindle device, but if you still want a free copy, you can try the PDF version (it’s free too).

Paperback copies are still available, check out my web store, or contact me with any questions.

All print purchases can redeem a free copy of the eBook!

* * *

BONUS! Check out my Speak for the Dead-related artwork on Deviant Art.


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