Speak for the Dead Press Release


‘Speak for the Dead’ is Bringing Justice to the Streets

New author A. M. Harding is setting a dark scene with her self-published novel ‘Speak for the Dead’.

Brisbane, Qld (February 11, 2012) Everyone has their tipping point. The point where the loneliness and frustration get to be too much to bear. Then, something has to give.

Living in the wrong end of town, living alone, life is hard for Jade Taylor. ‘Speak for the Dead’ (165pp. $9.95) is her story, the first in what will be a series of short novels about her struggles and victories as a vigilante on the streets of Haven Bay.

“I was specifically vague about when or where ‘Speak for the Dead’ is set,” comments author, Angell M. Harding, “I feel it makes the world easier to identify with, no matter where you’re from.” ‘Speak for the Dead’ has a captivating atmosphere of loneliness that will draw readers in, compelled to turn every page.

Angell M. Harding is a restless artist who is always in the middle of making something, be it writing, drawing, painting, or sculpting. She also blogs about her writing experiences at LingusticAnarchy.com – so named for her belief that grammar rules should first be followed, and then be broken.

The paperback version of ‘Speak for the Dead’ is available on Amazon, with eBooks available on Amazon and iBooks. More information is available at her website.

ISBN 978-1-481994-02-6

Free copies are available for review, please contact Angell M. Harding at LinguisticAnarchy@gmail.com.

Angell M. Harding
URL: LinguisticAnarchy.com
Email: LinguisticAnarchy@gmail.com


Press Release: ‘Speak for the Dead’ is Bringing Justice to the Streets
More about ‘Speak for the Dead’


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